Women’s ALTER

( Allied Leadership Training for Embodied Resilience )

Self Care - Empowerment - Leadership

Program Overview

Women’s ALTER is designed for women artists, activists, healers, educators and community leaders that are willing to step further into a purpose-driven life. Women’s ALTER program is a response to what is needed in order to support all self-identifying women in increasing our capacity to make a powerful, consistent and sustainable impact. Women’s ALTER is an immersive experience intended to impact your personal and professional goals. It is a transformational experience centered on self-discovery, empowerment, and leadership. All classes focus on integrating insights into action. Women’s ALTER guarantees an intentional space to gather in circle, apply the curriculum to your personal development, design goals that match your life’s intentions, and experience transformation within a supportive community.

Focus Areas:

  1. Value Clarification: Reclaim your authentic contribution to the world by dismantling belief systems & empowering principles that align with your life's intentions. You will discover what lights you up and learn how to sustain a purpose-driven lifestyle by creating attainable steps to further your dreams and goals.
  2. Empowerment: Goals and dreams that you care about require a consistent choice to shift your attention from concerns, fears, doubts and empower what is most important to you. Having an integral connection to yourself & embodiment of your personal identity allows you to clarify what matters most to you and strengthen your resiliency to attain your vision.  
  3. Self-Care: The prioritization of well-being calls forth a three step process. First, to observe current habits and behaviors. Second, to name your priorities in regards to personal wellness. And third, to design an attainable, enjoyable, and fulfilling lifestyle. We will first dismantle the shame and conditioning that corresponds with self-care and being a woman. Then, explore the importance of prioritizing self-care as a woman and the impact that this practice has on both personal and professional success. .
  4. Professional Development: Using an ontological framework, we will redefine success, differentiate goals from tasks, and utilize the tried and tested SMART Goal criteria in order to take authentic action towards obtainable goals for sustainable wealth.
  5. Productivity: Discover and protect your “peak window” for effective focus on your creativity, relationships, career, and projects. Find ease with time and money management, align your productivity with your menstrual cycle, and discover high-performing organizational techniques. Your coach will work one-on-one with you to support your adaptation of new habits.
  6. Leadership: Discover and embrace your authentic way of leading your creative life. We will dismantle the outdated version of leadership conditioned by a system of hierarchy and embrace the collectivistic approach that highlights the benefit of sharing a diverse network of skills and personal attributes. We will shift from a paradigm of competition to collaboration especially in regards to your relationship with other women. You will be supported to define your authentic contribution and lead your life with intention, certainty, and fulfillment.
  7. Effective Communication: Experience and build tools that allow you to engage more clearly, compassionately, and with focus on what is most important with individuals on a personal and professional level. We will utilize Non-Violent Communication (NVC) studies to grow competencies in your personal feelings and needs while applying an ontological approach highlighting on clarity, focus, ease, and grace for all social contexts that you engage in.
  8. Community: Experience an intentional space to give and receive support, step outside of your comfort, collaborate, be held accountable, and transform.

Hot topics explored in the course:

  • Collaboration vs Competition
  • Competence vs Confidence
  • Compassion vs Empathy
  • Re-defining Leadership & Success
  • Goals vs Tasks
  • Designing Goals Via Small Sweet Steps
  • Energy of Success as Sustainable Wealth
  • Reclaiming Your Explicit Entitlement to Pleasure
  • Aligning Your Productivity with Your Hormonal Cycle
  • Monkey Mind & Voice of Wisdom

Women’s ALTER includes:

  • 1 day-long retreat
  • 6 mandatory in-person classes held bi-monthly
  • 6 Online Support Meet-up (OSM) Sessions
  • 4 one-on-one virtual coaching sessions with a professional coach

Total Program Hours: 40

Weekly Time Commitment: 3-4 hours

A description of each component:

In-person Workshop Classes  

Workshop classes will take place at The Women's Building, 3543 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110. This is where the foundational learning occurs-- course curriculum. Having contact with entire group, etc.

Online Support Meet-Up (OSM)

This is a space reserved to check in on our goals, plan our next steps, and support each other as we need to. All genders ALTER, Women’s ALTER, and all ALTER Alumni will have access to these online meetups. ALTER Alumni will have permanent access to OSM in order sustain continued community support after completing the program.

A success support group with facilitation of goal setting and peer support. Includes mentoring and training on productivity and clarifying a vision. When called upon, occasional coaching where appropriate.

One-on-One Professional Coaching

This program is accompanied by 4 coaching sessions with coaches trained professionally through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, two in group and four one-on-one. This coaching framework is a creative process of inquiry and action designed to actualize your personal and professional potential. Check the sample agreement below for more details and distinctions regarding coaching.


Women’s ALTER retreat takes place in San Francisco on September 8th. This half-day retreat centers on creating a solid foundation for our 3-month journey by: building connection with each cohort member, covering the class overview, and enjoying the knowledge and wisdom of a panel of inspiring Bay Area women demonstrating successful interdisciplinary leadership roles.


Workshop classes will be held at: The Women's Building, 3543 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Retreat will be held at a private location in San Francisco. Information will be released upon enrollment.

Retreat Schedule

Women’s ALTER Retreat will occur on Saturday 9/8 from 11am - 4pm.

Workshop Schedule
9/16 9/30 10/14 10/28 11/11 12/2
Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday
11:00-2:00pm 11:00-2:00pm 11:00-2:00pm 11:00-2:00pm 11:00-2:00pm 11:00-2:00pm
    Payment Due   Payment Due  
Online Support Meet-up (OSM) hosted via Zoom Web Conference
9/22 10/6 10/20 11/3 11/17 12/8
Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday
10:30-12:00pm 10:30-12:00pm 10:30-12:00pm 10:30-12:00pm 10:30-12:00pm 10:30-12:00pm
Suggested Investment on our Sliding Scale
Gross Annual Household Income Organizational Budget (if your organization funds you)

Pay in full

(~10% discount)

Pay in 3 Payments
$90,000+ $3 million + $2,100 $2,200
$60,00-89,999 $1 million - 3 million $1,600 $1,700
$40,000-59,999 $500,000 - 1 million $1,200 $1,300
$20,000-39,999 $100,000 - 500,000 $900 $1,000
$0 – 19,999 $0 - 100,000 $700 $800

Thanks to the support of Grant Funding from the Peaceful World Foundation, we are able to offer a handful of work-trade scholarships. This is not applicable for organization-funded applicants, and intended for individuals who could not otherwise afford to participate, to ensure that we create a cohort that reflects the diverse and inclusive world we are working towards.

This covers expenses and fair wage to guest facilitators and teachers, administration, space rental, professional coaching, educational materials, and snacks. A $300 Deposit (due Sept. 1th) will reserve your spot, and 1 or 2 more payments can be made before the dates listed above. Please contact us with any concerns about payment and for crowdfunding support resources; we are committed to ensuring that money does not stand between you and this work!

Application due: August 20

Deposit due: September 1

Is this a fit for you? Next Steps:

  1. Schedule a Discovery Call and fill out a brief application now
  2. Make your $300 Deposit to reserve a spot, refunded if you do not enroll
  3. Email us with any questions: kate@holisticunderground.org or Mjerkic01@gmail.com
  4. Pencil-in the dates on your calendar!

About the Facilitators:

Kate & Maja

Kate Hockett is a community leader, specializing in Earth-Based Spirituality and Moon Connection for all people. She’s a trained Doula, workshop creator and supports the heart + emotions of the cohort. Kate brings experience in Event 

Production, Self-Care and practices intuitive healing work while supporting the members throughout the course as a facilitator and coach.

Maja Jerkic is a professional coach, counselor, consent workshop facilitator, artist, and youth mentor. Her concentration focuses on leadership and relationship coaching--how we can empower ourselves through the interpersonal issues we might face, personally and professionally--and how we can guarantee our success with our most meaningful goa

ls and dreams. Maja believes that great leaders demonstrate the four big “C’s”: communication, compassion, co

llaboration, and creativity--and that every person has an authentic way of leading in their lives. Maja has led women's circles in both the Bay Area and Hawaii. Maja will be supporting the members of the course as a facilitator and as a coach.

Holistic Underground:

Holistic Underground is a community organization and 501c3 non-profit. Our programs, events and services aim to catalyze a more creative, sustainable and holistic movement towards a just and peaceful world. Our Mission: Creating and sharing replicable models for community development by uniting the arts, social-justice & holistic health. HU’s vision: Interconnected communities working collaboratively by the principles of self-care, earth-care, people-care, fair-share to heal our relationships with ourselves, each other, and the planet.