Oh My Goddess! Open Mic


 Every 4th Tuesday |  8:00 pm – 12:00 am
Artillery Art Gallery 2751 Mission St. San Francisco CA
In a time where the feminine, the "yin" the heart center (vs. the head center) is proving to be central to human cultural and consciousness evolution, this open mic creates a safe space for all people, all genders to embrace their inner goddess and celebrate the feminine in all its forms: dark, light, beautiful, ugly, loving, angry, ALL!  (this isn't yin/yang as gender essentialism, but as polar energies that exist in nature and the universe, as celebrated in indigenous cosmology all over the world, including those with more than 2 genders)

$5-10 Donation
Fifteen 5-minute sets
no double sign ups
no signing up others
list opens at 6:00pm + OhMyJam Sesh!
mic starts at 6:30 pm
To counter gender imbalances in inclusion in music and arts, we ask cis-male identifying folks to give others priority signing up ♥

This also aims to be a safe and brave space for the much needed expression and discussion of LGBTI+/trans/queerness and transnational feminism as organizers we are always learning how to best hold this space, and rely on your feedback to improve!

This can mean sharing poetry that explores topics of gender identity, or our relationship with masculinity and femininity,
Or directly rooted in the tradition of feminism, and the struggle for justice on a political and social level,

Or it may just be you speaking from a more intimate, vulnerable and heart centered space than you're used to. There is no strict definition we use for "feminine" only a sincere intention to create a space for its celebration and exploration.

**We are not however, equating "feminine" and "female". While recognizing the crucial role women play, "The feminine" we refer to is an energy not specific to any biological sex or gender, but is pervasive throughout nature and the universe. We believe sexism, like racism, classism, ableism and other such divides to be symptoms of a deeper underlying in balance of yin and yang.

All art forms, ages, abilities and backgrounds welcome! Art supplies provided!
For disability support, contact kathrynhockett@gmail.com