If you come to HU events, participate in programs and support this movement, you are the Holistic Underground Community. In order to provide increased support and empowerment to each other, we have developed the HU Homie Memberships:

A web woven with intention: supporting and empowering each other through curated networking, resource sharing, skill sharing and an intentional community relations system of agreements, guidelines and protocol based upon our values:

Creative and Collaborative Community

Diversity and Accessibility

Communication for Understanding

Empowerment and Resilience

Holistic Wellness

Ecosystems Awareness

Personal and Collective Liberation

As a subscribed member, you will have the HU team on your team! We’ll learn about your goals, needs and offerings, and connect you with people, resources and opportunities to help make your community vision a reality!

You will also be a participant in a new-way of being in community, with a deeply caring intention and high standard of integrity which we hold ourselves and each other to. We seek to model for the world and future generations what living holistically, as a collaborative and regenerative ecosystem looks, feels and acts like!

for more information, email: