The HeartSpace Center is a membership-based space for community development based in the Mission District of San Francisco.

This space is meant to act as a tool to benefit local healers, teachers, artists and activists by enabling them to have a location to base projects out of and in which to practice their healing arts.

If you can think of something you need a space for or would like to become a member you can contact Holistic Underground with your name and the type of membership that interests you!

Heartspace members gain access to the Heartspace Center to help further the development of their passions, projects, dreams and careers
Entrance to the heartspace center for events, access to personal and professional development services, access to the HU network and support, optional mailing list and events calendar (optional) as well as our love and appreciation (not optional)
BASIC MEMBER $10-30/ year (sliding scale)
All benefits of the Free Membership plus full access to events and services, rental access (20-30$ /hr), free access to one Holistic underground event and access to Heartspace center coworking hours and healing clinic.
ACTIVE MEMBER $10-30/ Month
All benefits of the Basic Membership plus reduced rental rate for the first 3-5hrs of rental, priority access to rental slots, access to hosting training, monthly free attendance to one Holistic Underground event, discounts on HeartSpace Center wellness, coaching and training services or those of an affiliated service.
ACTIVE + MEMBER $30-50/ month
All benefits of the Active Membership plus free priority rental hrs/ month, pre-scheduled monthly hours, an additional priority rental hours/ month, free vocational services and professional development, organizational support, removable name placard for the front door, business address listing and mail service.
RESIDENT MEMBER $60-120/ month (limited availability)
All of the benefits and discounts plus 1st priority access for rental services, 3-5 priority rental hours a month, 10-15 reduced rate and priority hrs, pre-scheduled weekly/ monthly hours, permanent name/ business placard in window, personal mailbox and the access code.