Heartspace @Dolores!

Organic Produce – Flowers – Drum Circle – Yoga – Healing
What better way,
To Spend this Day,
than finding many lovers, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers,

Every Other Sunday, HU will be bringing the HEARTSPACE in the form of a magical picnic gathering Dolores Park!

We’ll have Teachers Leading Yoga Nick Moore
We’ll have sound healers a’healin Emile Janse
We’ll have Drums and Instruments Galore!
We’ll Have Flowers
We’ll Have Food.

**It is imperative that as a community we come together and ensure that we LEAVE NO TRACE and #LOVEDOLORES by leaving it as clean if not cleaner than we found it!**

Cleaning can be a beautiful act of love, and let’s set an example for all the new comers to San Francisco and show em how we take care of our city!!

It’s pretty straight forward 🙂 So come one, come all, and tell a friend!