Clarify your vision & path

Develop your productivity & communication
Grow as a leader, in community
Accelerate your project
Practice self-care

You Are: 
A change-maker, creative entrepreneur, community leader, designer or artist. You value community, creativity, wellness, sustainability, diversity, and integrity. You have a powerful vision for the world and your role in it, and you are ready to reach the next level or your development.

You Face:
Too many projects, too little time. Burnout.
Haven’t reached your full potential.
Productivity could be more easeful and consistent.
The sense of “doing it alone” or not having a team.
Forgetting to celebrate how awesome what you just did was.
Collaborations don’t pan out as expected.
Creativity block. Lacking self-care and play.
Life Transition or Increase in responsibility.

You Seek:
The support of a caring community, and a consistent space to check in with your values, vision, and purpose. Empowerment of skilled facilitators and powerful tools to take your skills, project, and capacity beyond your current stopping points. An effective avenue to invest in yourself through creative, experiential and collaborative exercises. A safe space to connect, gro and experience breakthroughs

You Will:
Define what authentic success means to you, and clarify the vision for your project/career/life. Practice tools that increase clarity, focus, ease, and your resilience to overcome challenges. As a willing participant, you will experience a transformation in your capacity to do what you say you will do consistently and sustainably. Through our work with change-agents like you, we have developed these 5 Focus Areas:

  1. Values, Vision, and Strategy
  2. Self-Care and Holistic Wellness
  3. Effective Communication & Facilitation
  4. Productivity: Consistency, Efficiency, and Focus
  5. Allyship, Leadership & Integrity

Fill out this brief application to learn more, and discover if this is a fit for you!

Dates, Times and Details

This program consists of 6 workshops held on alternating weeks over the span of 3 months. On the off weeks, we will come together for an Online Support Meet-up (OSM) where we will check in on our goals, plan our next steps, and support each other as needed. All ALTER Alumni will have ongoing access to these online meetups for continued community support after completing the program.

This is accompanied by 4 1-on-1 sessions with skilled coaches trained professionally through the Academy for Coaching Excellence. See below to learn more about our coaching framework.

Workshop Schedule




















Payment Due


Payment Due



Online Support Meet-Up (OSM) hosted via Zoom Web Conference



















Workshops will be hosted Impact Hub SF 1885 Mission St. San Francisco CA 94103.

Thanks to the support of Grant Funding from the Peaceful World Foundation, we are able to offer this program to you according to this sliding scale.

Suggested Investment on our Sliding Scale

Gross Annual Household Income

Organizational Budget (if your organization funds you)

Pay in full

(~10% discount)

Pay in 3 Payments


$3 million +




$1 million - 3 million




$500,000 - 1 million




$100,000 - 500,000



$0 – 19,999

$0 - 100,000



This covers expenses and fair wage to guest facilitators and teachers, space rental, snacks, professional coaching, educational materials, and administration. A $300 Deposit (due Sept. 1st) will reserve your spot, and 1 or 2 more payments can be made before the dates listed above. Please contact us with any concerns about payment and for crowdfunding support resources; we are committed to ensuring that money does not stand between you and this work!

Might this be a fit for you? Next Steps:

  1. Schedule a free Discovery Call and fill out a brief application now. We’ll help you clarify your vision and goals, and see if this is a fit, or connect you with alternative resources.

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  2. Make your $300 Deposit to reserve a spot, refunded if you do not enroll
  3. Email us with any questions:,
  4. Mark the dates on your calendar!

More Information

  1. Values, Vision, and Strategy

Guided by what you value most and what brings you to life, clarify the authentic vision for your life, career or project. You will set goals that you love, break them down into achievable steps, and have consistent community support in staying accountable to the promises you make to yourself. Through ontological coaching, a thought-provoking and creative process of inquiry, you will have one-on-one support to maximize your personal and professional potential

  1. Self-Care and Holistic Wellness

Discover the self-care practices that best fit your lifestyle. Learn go-to tools for centering, grounding and redirecting your energy. In this program, you will be called to develop the skill of focusing your energy on your priorities as a powerful way to reduce burn-out. In addition to learning and practicing breathwork, meditation and movement, you will have the opportunity to lead and facilitate for the group.  

  1. Effective Communication & Facilitation

Through principles of clarity, compassion, and purpose, you will develop the capacity to call-forth the qualities of communication will best serve each context you are in. Whether leading a meeting, making agreements or supporting a friend, you will bring forth the best in others while holding space for your desired outcomes. Replace passive/ aggressive cycles with supportive assertiveness. 

  1. Productivity: Consistency, Efficiency, and Focus

Develop your capacity to accomplish more, with ease and grace. Develop your skills of prioritization, project planning, sustaining focus, scoring the goals you set. Find the most effective practices for you, and be supported with following through and celebrating!

  1. Allyship, Leadership, and Integrity

Embody principles of leadership in a rapidly transforming world. Clarify your personal standards of integrity, values, and purpose. Increase your capacity to lead meetings, manage a team or run an organization/ business. Learn to engage the tension without indulging the drama, to honor the diverse experiences while seeing the best in those around you. 

Facilitators and Leadership Team



Specialization & Experience

Mazin Jamal

Facilitator, Professionally Trained Coach

Mazin’s life-work is intersectional integration and innovation. As an artist, activist, professional coach, and co-founder of Holistic Underground, his most dearly held identity is that of "student". He brings his in-depth study and years of experience in communication, conflict resolution, holistic health, community organizing and development to facilitation and curriculum design within ALTER, and supporting hundreds of innovators, creatives, and leaders across 3 continents.

Kate Hockett
Kate & Maja

Facilitator,  Professionally Trained Coach

Kate is a community leader, specializing in Earth-Based Spirituality and Moon Connection for all people. She’s a trained Doula, workshop creator and supports the heart + emotions of the cohort. Kate brings experience in Event Production, Self-Care and practices intuitive healing work while supporting the members throughout the course as a facilitator and coach.

Brittany Henry

Co-Facilitator, Leadership Team

Brittany is a Bay Area born and bred, foodie extradionaire. She graduated from the University of California Davis (GO AGGIES) with a Bachelors in Political Science and Minor in African/African American Studies. Her passions include issues at the crossroads of intersectionality, as well as the preservation and distribution of urban resources for minority communities.

Arturo Mendez

Co-Facilitator, Leadership Team

Arturo Mendez is an artist, activist, cultural asset development specialist. Born and raised in Puebla Mexico, Arturo curates cultural and political gatherings in San Francisco’s Mission District that uplift cultural and indigenous traditions. He is the founder of Urban Prophets Illustrated, which uplifts the voices of the creatives, elders and radicals in the concrete jungle.

Kristina Soriano

Co-Facilitator, Leadership Team, Spelling specialist

K (Kristina) is a professional musician, educator, healer, and loving contributor to community with decades of experience as an entrepreneur living a purpose-driven life. She is a member of Cambia, which brings songs of love, revolution and change to the hearts of young and old.

Jihan McDonald, MA

Guest Facilitator, Curriculum Advisor

Jihan has received the Alpha Delta Leadership and Changemaker Fellowship Awards for their work in developing Allies for Life: pro-active interpersonal allyship skills. Jihan has worked with people ages 8-80 across many backgrounds on skills, tools, and capacities for assertiveness, empathy, self-realization, and social change.

Ksenia Shulzhenko

Guest, Curriculum Advisor

Ksenia Shulzhenko serves as a business and strategy consultant to many thought-leaders in the fields of holistic health, deep ecology, spirituality and social enterprise. She is a leader, mentor, and manager for one of San Francisco’s finest community spaces: The Center SF and supports creative individuals in developing thriving careers.

Maren Metke, MaNLP, NVC

Guest, Curriculum Advisor

Founder: Living Compass NVC (Nonviolent Communication) Family Camp (20+ years) and Healing with Compassion NVC and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Maren Metke is a mother, artist, and healer who has worked with hundreds of clients, students, and families to bring more connection and understanding to the world.

More Information

  • This curriculum has been developed with the support of visionaries and masters in their respective fields, some of which will be joining us as guests.
  • Our professionally trained coaches are supervised by trained and certified mentor coaches with thousands of hours of experience and the highest standards of ethics and integrity. They provide their services for this program at a fraction of their rates You can see a sample coaching contract here.
  • The concepts, tools, and skills we have curated are the result of 4 years of research: asking, observing and working with creatives, entrepreneurs, community organizers and wellness specialists to determine the key skill-development areas for change agents.
  • There will be plenty of movement, meditation, embodied practice, creative processing, and dialogue to give room for digesting insights and lessons. We make a clear distinction between healing focused work and transformational/ empowerment work. This program brings both elements but is focused on the second: getting so clear on who you are and what unique contribution your life represents, that despite all we've been through and will go through, nevertheless, we will be willing to achieve our dreams, and let nothing stand in our way. If you are currently healing from severe trauma, we recommend you receive the support of a professional healer in addition to participating in the program.

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