ALTER Fall18 Application

Allied Leadership Training for Embodied Resilience (ALTER)

Program Overview

If you are an artist, activist, healer, educator, community leader or all the above, and you are ready to reach the next level or your development, this program is designed to support you through training, coaching and community empowerment. In the context of a supportive cohort and empowering framework, you will clarify what authentic success means to you, learn tools that increase clarity, focus, ease, and your resilience to overcome challenges. As a willing participant you will experience a transformation in your capacity to achieve success consistently and sustainably. Through our work with change-agents like you, we have developed these 5 Focus Areas:

  1. Vision, Values, Goals Clarification

Guided by what you value most and what brings you to life, clarify the authentic vision for your life, career or project. You will set goals that you love, break them down into achievable steps, and have consistent community support in staying accountable to the promises you make to yourself. Through ontological coaching, a thought-provoking and creative process of inquiry, you will have one-on-one support to maximize your personal and professional potential

  1. Self-Care and Holistic Wellness

Discover the self-care practices that best fit your lifestyle. Learn go-to tools for centering, grounding and redirecting your energy. In this program, you will be called to develop the skill of focusing your energy on your priorities as a powerful way to reduce burn-out. In addition to learning and practicing breathwork, meditation and movement, you will have the opportunity to lead and facilitate for the group.  

  1. Effective Communication

You will develop the capacity to discern what quality of communication will best serve the context you are in. We will work with the core tools of Non-Violent Communication to deepen our relationships with our feelings and needs, as well as to emotionally support those around us. We will also learn principles and tools for assertive, clear and kind communication for productivity.

  1. Productivity: Prioritization, Organization and Focus

Develop your capacity to accomplish more through prioritization, intelligent planning and tried and tested productivity techniques. Discover the most effective practices for you, and have support in actually doing it.

  1. Leadership and Facilitation

We will explore the many forms of leadership, and through clarifying our personal standards of integrity, values and purpose, improve our ability to lead meetings, manage a team or run an organization/ business. Develop your capacity to see and empower the very best in those around you.


Dates, Times and Details

This program consists of 6 mandatory workshops held on alternating weeks over the span of 3 months. On the off weeks, we will come together for an online Accountability Support Online Meet-up (ASOM) where we will check in on our goals, plan our next steps, and support each other as we need to. All ALTER Alumni will have ongoing access to these online meetups for continued community support after completing the program.

This is accompanied by 6 coaching sessions with coaches trained professionally through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, two in group and four one-on-one. This coaching framework is a creative process of inquiry and action designed to actualize your personal and professional potential. Check the sample agreement below for more details and distinctions regarding coaching.

Workshop Schedule



















    Payment Due

  Payment Due



Accountability Support Online Meet-ups (ASOM) hosted via Zoom Web Conference




















Workshops will be hosted Impact Hub SF 1185 MIssion St. San Francisco CA 94103.

Suggested Investment on our Sliding Scale

Gross Annual Household Income

Organizational Budget (if your organization funds you)

Pay in full

(~10% discount)

Pay in 3 Payments


$3 million +




$1 million - 3 million




$500,000 - 1 million




$100,000 - 500,000



$0 – 19,999

$0 - 100,000



Thanks to the support of Grant Funding from the Peaceful World Foundation, we are able to offer a handful of work-trade scholarships. This is not applicable for organization-funded applicants, and intended for individuals who could not otherwise afford to participate, to ensure that we create a cohort that reflects the diverse and inclusive world we are working towards.

This covers expenses and fair wage to guest facilitators and teachers, space rental, snacks, professional coaching, educational materials, and administration. A $300 Deposit (due Sept. 10th) will reserve your spot, and 1 or 2 more payments can be made before the dates listed above. Please contact us with any concerns about payment and for crowdfunding support resources; we are committed to ensuring that money does not stand between you and this work!

Is this a fit for you? Next Steps:

  1. Schedule a Discovery Call and fill out a brief application now
  2. Make your $300 Deposit to reserve a spot, refunded if you do not enroll
  3. Email us with any questions:,
  4. Pencil-in the dates on your calendar!

More Information

  • Think of this as a powerful incubation process for whatever amazing work you are already doing, regardless of what stage you are in your career. The tools, activities, and coaching are applicable to all contexts and we have no agenda for you besides creating a supportive and empowering community space for your growth and taking your next-steps, whatever they may be.
  • This curriculum has been developed with the support of visionaries and masters in their respective fields, some of which will be joining us as guests.
  • Our professionally trained coaches are supervised by trained and certified mentor coaches with thousands of hours of experience and the highest standards of ethics and integrity. They provide their services for this program at a fraction of their rates You can see a sample coaching contract here.
  • The concepts, tools, and skills we have curated are the result of 4 years of research: asking, observing and working with creatives, entrepreneurs, community organizers and wellness specialists to determine the key skill-development for change agents.
  • There will be plenty of movement, meditation, embodied practice, creative processing, and dialogue to give room for digesting insights and lessons. We make a clear distinction between healing focused work and transformational/ empowerment work. This program brings both elements but is focused on the second: getting so clear on who you are and what unique contribution your life represents, that despite all we've been through and will go through, nevertheless, we will be willing to achieve our dreams, and let nothing stand in our way. If you are currently healing from trauma, please let us know so that we can ensure we can provide you the support you need.

Course Leaders, Coaches and Guest Facilitators



Specialization & Experience

Mazin Jamal

Facilitator, Curriculum Developer, Professionally Trained Coach

Mazin’s life-work is intersectional integration and innovation. As an artist, activist, professional coach, and co-founder of Holistic Underground, his most dearly held identity is that of "student". He brings his in-depth study and years of experience in communication, conflict resolution, holistic health, community organizing and development to facilitation and curriculum design within ALTER, and supporting hundreds of innovators, creatives, and leaders across 3 continents.

Kate Hockett

Facilitator, Curriculum Developer, Professionally Trained Coach

Kate is a community leader, specializing in Earth-Based Spirituality and Moon Connection for all people. She’s a trained Doula, workshop creator and supports the heart + emotions of the cohort. Kate brings experience in Event Production, Self-Care and practices intuitive healing work while supporting the members throughout the course as a facilitator and coach.

John Fechter

Guest Facilitator, Program Administrator, Professionally Trained Coach

John Fechter, a co-founder of Holistic Underground, brings his experience as a student and teacher of mindfulness, various forms of body-work and energy-work, business development and as the administrative director of a healing arts school to supporting the members of the ALTER program.

Jihan McDonald, MA

Guest Facilitator, Curriculum Advisor

Jihan has received the Alpha Delta Leadership and Changemaker Fellowship Awards for their work in developing Allies for Life: pro-active interpersonal allyship skills. Jihan has worked with people ages 8-80 across many backgrounds on skills, tools, and capacities for assertiveness, empathy, self-realization, and social change.

Maren Metke, MaNLP, NVC

Guest, Curriculum Advisor

Founder: Living Compass NVC (Nonviolent Communication) Family Camp (20+ years) and Healing with Compassion NVC and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Maren Metke is a mother, artist, and healer who has worked with hundreds of clients, students, and families to bring more connection and understanding to the world.

Ksenia Shulzhenko

Guest, Curriculum Advisor

Ksenia Shulzhenko serves as a business and strategy consultant to many thought-leaders in the fields of holistic health, deep ecology, spirituality and social enterprise. She is a leader, mentor, and manager for one of San Francisco’s finest community spaces: The Center SF and supports creative individuals in developing thriving careers.

Maja Jerkic

Professionally Trained Coach

Maja Jerkic is a professional coach, counselor, consent workshop facilitator, artist, and youth mentor. Her concentration focuses on leadership and relationship coaching--how we can empower ourselves through the interpersonal issues we might face, personally and professionally--and how we can guarantee our success with our most meaningful goals and dreams.

Jordon Jo

Professionally Trained Coach

Jordon Jo is a musician, men’s work leader, consent workshop Facilitator, business coach and successful entrepreneur, founder of Wild SF Tours, employing artists and activists in sharing the radical history of San Francisco Neighborhoods.


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